15 October 2013


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 photo IMG_3111_zps6c6b6f77.jpg  photo IMG_3060copy_zpsaece2d27.jpg  photo IMG_3088copy_zpse02ba17c.jpg  photo IMG_3121copy_zpse7110368.jpg

Putting on a perfect fit isn't as easy as all of you think. Certain pieces force you to actually slip into a role. I mean I'm wearing something that somebody designed with a certain idea in their mind. Still I believe that every image is capable of changing. Herefore I took this bohemian sweater dress from EVAW/WAVE and gave it a whole new packaging. Contrasting the beautiful orange with this black leather combo made it all mine again. Then again, was it right to do whatever I wanted with it? How do you decide things like that?

biker leather Vest // H&M Trend
sweater Dress // EVAW/WAVE - get yours HERE
leather Shorts // Topshop Boutique
Givenchy inspired overknee leather Boots // Zara


  1. great look ! I love the boots combination ... my favorites are thigh high style ...however you are so cute, chic and lovely ! ♥